Rub Elbows with the Rich and Famous at Myrtle Beach

Rub Elbows with the Rich and Famous at Myrtle Beach's Hollywood Wax Museum

Courtney Martin
15 Aug 2016

The East Coast is not particularly known for its celebrity sightings, but if you want a taste of the red carpet lifestyle, then bring your family and friends to the Myrtle Beach Hollywood Wax Museum. Following in the tradition of attractions of its kind, the wax museum features lifelike and life-size models of various famous figures. Come visit this attraction, which warns that visitors may have difficulty distinguishing between real and wax!

Located at the intersection of Highway 17 Bypass and 21st Avenue in Myrtle Beach, the museum offers up two stories of some of the most famous names in show business, ranging from Robert Downey, Jr. to Robert DeNiro to Julia Roberts. From the youngest in your group to the most mature, there is certainly a celebrity wax figure sure to impress! Take photos with your favorite musicians and entertainers like Johnny Cash and Brad Pitt. Who doesn't love a good selfie with Johnny Depp?

After you have made the rounds and rubbed elbows with the A-Listers, make sure you stop by the Hollywood Studios Store, where you can browse and purchase souvenirs from an extensive collection of celebrity autographs and memorabilia.

If you're a movie or music buff, or just like to admire the artistic creations themselves, the Myrtle Beach Hollywood Wax Museum is the perfect place to visit when you need a break from the heat. Located near exciting Broadway at the Beach and Myrtlewood Villas, this attraction puts you center-stage with some of the biggest names in show business. You can't miss out on an award-winning opportunity like this one!