Top 4 Places For Drinks & Dessert in Myrtle Beach

Whether you’re in town for a girls’ weekend or a romantic getaway with your significant other, there’s always a great time to be had when you go out for Drinks and Dessert! Read ahead to discover a few of our favorite spots in Myrtle Beach where the beverages are strong and the sweets are indulgent.

Strong Waters Craft Cocktails

Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen is one of the best places in Myrtle Beach to go for wide-ranging, unique adult drinks, and their dessert menu is impressive too. Their drinks are broken down into 5 categories- Day Drinking, featuring selections like Hair of the Dog and Summer Breeze; Light and Interesting, with drinks like Honeysuckle Mule and Lavender Field; Crisp and Boozy, including heartier drinks like Beam & Hops and Smoking’ Oldie; From the Barrel, with offerings like Manhattan and Boulevardier; and finally a wide category of Bourbons and wines. On the sweeter side, you’ll find desserts that will send your taste buds into a frenzy. Choose from treats like Krazy Lime Pie, Drunken Bread Pudding, Seasonal Crisp, and much more. Spend a relaxed evening out at Strong Waters Craft Cocktails & Kitchen the next time you’re in the mood for drinks and dessert!

The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is known for its fabulous fondue and memorable experiences, offering guests a unique and intimate dining experience. Though their entrees will leave you begging for more, we like this establishment for drinks and dessert too! Chocolate Fondue gets its own category on the menu when you dine at the Melting Pot. Choose from a variety of chocolate dip offerings like the Original, featuring milk chocolate melted with peanut butter, Cookies ‘N Cream Marshmallow Dream with dark chocolate, marshmallow cream, and Oreo cookie crumbles, Flaming Turtle with milk chocolate, caramel, and candied pecans, or create your own chocolate fondue from milk, dark, or white chocolate and a range of potential meltable add-ons. This sweet treat is accompanied by a variety of fresh fruits, and other dip-worthy items can be added at an additional cost. Pair your chocolate fondue with any of The Melting Pot’s assortment of specialty cocktails, craft beers, wines, and dessert drinks. Get a drinks and dessert experience like no other when you visit The Melting Pot in Myrtle Beach.

Crepe Creation Cafe

Crepe Creation can be found near the movie theater at the Market Common in Myrtle Beach and offers up a tantalizing selection of crepes that will leave you longing for a trip to France. While they serve up a long list of delicious savory crepes, they also offer up some delectable drinks and dessert options for your night out on the town! Choose from crepes like The Classic, featuring Nutella, banana or strawberries, and powdered sugar; Apple Turnover with apple filling, vanilla ice cream, caramel, and powdered sugar, PB&J Crepe, which is filled with peanut butter and jelly, and much more! There is something for every taste and preference when it comes to the crepes offered at Crepe Creation. Better yet, their drinks do not disappoint either! Pair your dessert crepe with a variety of beers and wines, as well as house-made Red Sangria and Mimosas. Say “Oui!” to drinks and dessert at Crepe Creation in Myrtle Beach!

Collectors Cafe

Collectors Cafe & Gallery serves as a self-described world class Mediterranean dining establishment crossed with a European coffee house. But you can find much more than amazing entrees and espresso. Visit Collectors Cafe when you and your friends or loved ones are in the mood for drinks and dessert! The dessert menu is out of this world and includes indulgent specialties like “Award-Winning” Tiramisu, fresh Coconut Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Key Lime Pie, 12 Layer Cake, Seasonal Cobbler, Creme Brulee, and much more! Complement your dessert selection with one of the Cafe’s outstanding cocktails, with a special menu for dessert beverages, including Mona Lisa’s Molasses (Bailey’s Irish Cream with hazelnut flavor in a triple cappuccino with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles!!), Milky Way (Godiva Chocolate liquor and caramel), Irish Coffee, and more! They also have a seasonal cocktail menu, presently offering Collectors Espresso Martini, Cucumber Elegant, and several other impressive drinks. Finally, don’t forget to browse their regular cocktail menu for drinks like Chili Russian, Hemingway Daiquiri, The Vesper Martini, and more! If you’re more of a champagne and sparkling wine type of drinker, don’t fret! Collectors Cafe also has an extensive menu to satisfy your preferences. Check out this fine dining establishment for a real treat during your Myrtle Beach vacation!

Save room for dessert and drinks during your next beach vacation along the Grand Strand, where you will make unforgettable memories with the ones you love while enjoying great conversation and great local selections. Stop by one or all of these local favorites and let us know what you think!