Discover the Best Seafood Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is not only famous for its beautiful coastline and exciting attractions but also for its exceptional seafood. With a rich maritime heritage and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the area boasts a plethora of seafood restaurants that serve the freshest and most delicious catches. Here’s a guide to some of the best places to savor seafood in Myrtle Beach.

Sea Captain's House

A staple in Myrtle Beach since 1962, Sea Captain’s House is a beloved institution known for its charming atmosphere and mouth-watering seafood. Situated in a historic beachfront home, this restaurant offers diners stunning ocean views along with a menu filled with delectable dishes. From their famous She-Crab Soup to fresh catch-of-the-day specials, every meal here is a testament to the culinary team’s commitment to quality and flavor. Don’t miss their signature Shrimp and Grits, a southern classic that keeps both locals and visitors coming back for more.

Captain Benjamin's Calabash Seafood

For an all-you-can-eat seafood extravaganza, Captain Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood is the place to be. This popular buffet features an extensive selection of seafood dishes, including crab legs, oysters, shrimp, and a variety of fish prepared in multiple styles. The buffet also includes a wide array of sides and desserts to complement your meal. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere and excellent value, Captain Benjamin’s offers a true taste of Myrtle Beach’s seafood bounty. It’s the perfect spot for seafood lovers looking to indulge in a feast.

Hook & Barrel

Hook & Barrel is a contemporary seafood restaurant that combines innovative cooking techniques with the freshest ingredients. The menu features a range of dishes from classic seafood platters to creative takes on traditional favorites. Highlights include their Oyster Bar, where you can enjoy a variety of oysters sourced from different regions, and the Seafood Paella, which is packed with flavor and brimming with a generous mix of seafood. The chic, nautical-themed decor and the commitment to sustainability make dining at Hook & Barrel a delightful experience.

Mr. Fish Seafood Market & Grill

Mr. Fish Seafood Market & Grill offers both a seafood market and a restaurant, ensuring that only the freshest ingredients make it to your plate. The casual, laid-back vibe makes it a great spot for families and groups. The menu includes a wide range of options, from fish tacos and fried shrimp to more sophisticated dishes like Blackened Grouper and Seared Ahi Tuna. The market also allows you to pick up fresh seafood to prepare at home, bringing a piece of Myrtle Beach’s oceanic treasures to your own kitchen.

The Original Benjamin's Calabash Seafood

Another gem in the Calabash tradition, The Original Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood is renowned for its massive buffet and historic charm. Featuring over 170 items, including crab legs, oysters, clams, and an array of southern sides, this buffet is a seafood lover’s dream. The nautical decor, complete with model ships and maritime artifacts, adds to the dining experience, making it both enjoyable and memorable. This restaurant’s dedication to quality and variety has made it a longstanding favorite in the Myrtle Beach community.

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